Changes and Improvements to Fenns Meadow

We have been very busy at Fenns Meadow adding new facilities to the site.

Firstly, we have put a new kissing gate at the entrance. This enables an easier access for everyone attending the site, while keeping the bigger gates locked. The main gates can be opened for funerals therefore keeping the site more and safe and secure.

The Remembrance tree, as it was had begun to quite dangerously decay, so we have removed it created a small Wood Hendge in it's place, which looks beautiful. Still over looking the pond, we have created a more versatile area, that will also allow more plaques to be placed over time.

We have also removed the fencing that was initially used to delineate and protect our woodland that was planted 10 years ago. Doing this has brought the woodland into the Meadow land and made it as one. This winter we will plant a few more trees in the grass area just to finish it off!

So all in all Fenns Meadow is looking greatly improved and much better for it. We hope you enjoy the improvements we have made.