Proud Natural Death Centre Member - Meeting the highest Standards for Burial sites

The NDC used to run two lists which included all cemeteries describing themselves as natural, green, eco, or woodland. It has been pointed out that by doing they we were potentially confusing the public searching online as to which sites are members of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds and consequently monitored by the charity.

Member sites operate within the spirit and ethos of the movement regarding adherence to ecological requirements, for example coffin types and embalming. Members feel that their compliance marks them out as operating best practice and at a gold standard. This is not necessarily the case at other woodland burial grounds.

Fenns Meadow is a Member and plans to continue there long relation with the Charity overseeing the Natural burial site across the UK

As a ANBG member we respect the existing natural history at their sites, manage the grounds for the benefit of wildlife and endeavour to improved biodiversity and native habitats.


  • They keep clear records and maps which are inspected by the NDC.
  • They encourage and plant appropriate tree and plant species and support families in carrying out whatever type of funeral is requested or within their budget.
  • They have clear, transparent policies and have future proofed their burial sites and on going commitments.
  • They also distribute feedback forms to customers, returned directly to the NDC. This unique system enables the charity to monitor their service and pick up on any problems.


Unfortunately these standards are not met by all green cemeteries. If you are looking at a non-member site please take care to ensure that the level of probity meets your requirements. Further information about the types of records and management policies that sites, describing themselves as 'natural', should have, are available from us. We are witnessing fundamental problems at some sites so please be diligent