Season Change at Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground

Its been lovely going down to the burial ground over the last few days, just watching the season change slowly. The blackberries in the hedgerows are beautifully delicious, some are still red but are turning slowly. Even though the rain has been falling the grass and trees are enjoying getting a good soak. Our woodland turn 10 this year and the trees are thriving well. The Rowan trees are flourishing and the Oak trees are looking healthy and strong.

Although the Irises have died off around the pond, the wildlife is still busy buzzing around, with the Dragonflies still taking the occasional flight.

The views change as the weather varies, the grey clouds masking the stunning view that suddenly appears as the rain clouds drift away on their journey.

The peacefulness and tranquillity of the site fills your heart, even on a grey, rain filled day, nothing seems to affect it's beauty and harmony.

As the seasons change, so the burial ground does too, but always with so much grace and charm, as if moving like a ballerina across the stage, so it moves through the seasons.