James and Emma Blantern who established Fenns Meadow in 2008.


  • Simplicity. The idea of wrapping the body in a shroud or placing it in a plain, unadorned coffin appeals to those who prefer their burial arrangement to be simple, natural and unpretentious.
  • Lower cost. Because green burials do not involve embalming, fancy caskets, or concrete vaults, they can be a very cost-effective alternative to conventional burials.
  • Conserving natural resources. Each year millions of tonnes of board feet of hardwood and many tons of steel in caskets are used. With a green burial, fewer resources are used, relying on more sustainable products such as Willow to make the coffins.
  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals. For some, forgoing the embalming process is the main attraction, since embalming fluid contains formaldehyde, a respiratory irritant and known carcinogen. 
  • Preserving natural areas. Love of nature and a desire for “eternal rest” in a forever-wild meadow are frequently-cited reasons for choosing a green burial. The burial sites restore or preserve a natural landscape populated by native trees, shrubs and wildflowers; the sites offer food and refuge to birds and other wildlife. A green cemetery can be an important component in the acquisition and conservation of native habitats.
Frequently asked Questions.

 Do I have to use a funeral director?

         In our experience it is usually better to go through a funeral director or Funeral Planner but it's not a requirementClick this link to find more details on local   Funeral Directors

What sort of casks, coffins or urns can be used?
All types of containers must be made of biodegradable materials such as wicker, willow, bamboo or cardboard. Please click on the link for   more information  regarding  Coffins, Shrouds  & Urns 

What sort of marker or headstone is allowed?
There are no headstones used within the meadow land. The  hedge line burial plot will be marked with a small wooden marker peg.  The meadow graves have a stone plaque with simple initials on it.  Along with this, the plot will have it's own Grid Reference map point. This is what makes a natural burial ground so different from a conventional burial as the landscape is left as natural as possible.

No Marker is to be placed on the site unless it is purchased through Fenns Meadow.  Please note we will remove   unauthorised markers. 

Who can be buried in a Green Burial Ground? 

People from ANY religion are welcome, as are those without any religious faith. The burial service itself can be in whichever format each individual requires.

Can my family & friends visit the Burial Ground after the funeral?
Yes, the site is opened daily, from 9am-5pm but not manned full time.  Please be aware there may be a funeral taking place. They can call 01948 880002 if they wish to meet someone from Fenns Meadow. 

 Fenns Meadow itself, sits within a pastureland of 10 acres. The site is positioned on high ground, facing a North Westerly direction which is perfect for watching the beautiful sunsets that regularly occur. The views from the site stretch across to North Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool.  The Llangollen Canal borders the western side of the farm.

Fenns Meadow is only a couple of miles from the Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's) of Fenns Moss and Whixhall Moss.     

Fenns Meadow is part of a family farm, which has been farmed by the Blantern family for 3 generations. Fenns Meadow was established in 2008 by James and Emma Blantern, who continue to run the business together .