Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground

A family business for a personal funeral, located in the beautiful North Shropshire countryside

We offer Plots for Natural Burials and the Interment or Scattering of Ashes.

Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground is a small family run  business based in The North Shropshire Countryside, just outside Whitchurch.

Here at Fenns Meadow  Green Burial Ground we offer you the ability to purchase your burial plot within our meadow in advance of your death, which means your family does not have to go through the extra worry and up-set at their time of loss. Equally plots can be bought at the time of death.

We also offer the Interment of Ashes within our meadowland.  Scattering of Ashes  can take place in our young woodland.

The beauty of our wonderful site is it's flexibility. You are able to have the service within the meadow land if you wish, or you can have the service at a church or place of memorial and then come to us for the burial. Your service can be religious or non religious. We have contact with the local churches and we have celebrants that can help write your service. Indeed, we have had families that have written and performed the whole service themselves.

The plots can  also be consecrated if you so wish.

We do have quite strict rules regarding the type of Coffin, Shroud or Urn that you are buried in as it has to be biodegradable. Please click this link to get more information : Coffins-shrouds-urns

Due to the site being a Green Burial Ground, we do not have headstones, instead we offer a small level stone marking plaque, that can lie flush on the grave. This is to ensure that the site looks as natural as possible. We also encourage the growth of wild flowers on each grave, as this both encourages new wildlife to the site and helps mark each plot.

 As well as these two ways of marking the loss of a loved one, there are also the options of adopting a tree in one of our woodlands and having a wooden marking plaque next to your tree and finally we have our beautiful Woodhenge that can take engraved wooden plaques, enabling you to leave a message of love to the one you have lost.

All of these memorials can be bought from ourselves, please click this link to the appropriate page.  Prices & Memorials.

 For all our Terms and Conditions please click this link:  Terms & Conditions:


The choice of the final resting place is an important decision to be made. Fenns Meadow creates a secure, peaceful and beautiful environment in which to be laid to rest. Throughout each season the site maintains an air of beauty and peacefulness and is a wonderful place to be.                  

We are proud to be members of
" Association of Natural Burial Grounds"